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Salford, Manchester, North West

Domestic Surfacing


RB Pavers

Part of our Domestic Package; Driveways. If you are looking for a new driveway then get in touch. RB Pavers have the machinery, skills and a staff to complete these jobs. 

We have laid drives on new builds, replaced front lawns with drives, and refreshed old driveways with something new.

Our driveways have a great visual impact and we can offer a range of specialist surfacing solutions to suit every need. Your driveway could be either Machine Lay and Hand Lay. Whether this is Asphalt or Paved.

We can advise on the correct specifications together with a design to provide the right balance between technical integrity and value for money.


  • Old Driveways That Need Refreshing
  • New Driveways 
  • A range of choices

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